Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Overview - Telecommunications Industry Dialogue

Overview - Telecommunications Industry Dialogue: "This section of our Web site brings together information published by Vodafone Group in June of 2014 and February of 2015 and by Telenor Group in May of 2015 with new material that the Telecommunications Industry Dialogue published in June of 2015.  In addition to the aforementioned company reports covering the pertinent legal frameworks in 39 countries, the Industry Dialogue is publishing reports on five countries – Colombia, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Russia – that represent the diversity of its member companies’ global footprint.   Over time, the Industry Dialogue and its participating companies aim to expand on this resource.  Recently, TeliaSonera has done so by publishing a list of the most relevant laws on signals intelligence and real-time access to communications in 13 markets in which the company has majority-owned operations.

 The information contained in this section seeks to highlight some of the most important legal powers available to government authorities seeking to access communications data or to restrict the content of communications in 44 different countries.   These powers are divided into the following six categories: 1) provision of real-time, lawful interception assistance, 2) disclosure of communications data, 3) national security and emergency powers, 4) censorship-related powers, 5) oversight of the use of these powers, and for certain countries, 6) publication of laws and aggregate data relating to lawful intercept and communications data requests." 'via Blog this'