Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When telecoms operators go bad - court enforcement and delays

Ofcom is now taking a Birmingham-based telephone company to court - at least 30 months after accounts of abuse came to light - is this too slow?
"Ofcom’s monitoring of Telephonics’ behaviour in relation to a section 94 notification which was issued to Telephonics on 20 March 2009, and which concluded that there were reasonable grounds for believing that since at least 1 June 2008, Telephonics had contravened, and was contravening, General Condition 1.2 of the General Conditions of Entitlement (GC 1.2)
As set out in the Section 95 and 96 Notification, Ofcom has concluded that Telephonics has:
  1. contravened General Condition 1.2 (“GC1.2”) by misusing information obtained for the purpose of facilitating a transfer, by incorrectly applying the Cancel Other facility and engaging in Inappropriate Save Activity;
  2. failed to take steps to comply with GC 1.2; and
  3. failed to remedy the consequences of its contravention of GC 1.2."
Consumer and EU issues are dealt with in this commercial conference - always worth asking if you can attend as an observer for the second day (they will hum and haw but you might get in).

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Sunusi said...

this is good work from ofcom... the consumer bieng a weak party should'nt be exploited, its one essence of regulation.