Monday, January 21, 2013

T-Mobile loses test case on holiday mobile data charges

T-Mobile loses test case on holiday data charges - Telegraph: "T-Mobile, which has now merged with Orange and rebranded to become Everything Everywhere, has been ordered to pay back over £500 of roaming charges racked up by lawyer Angela Walsh. The litigation partner at City firm Abrahams Dresden had called T-Mobile to cancel her phone contract, but had been persuaded to stay with the company after an upgrade was agreed.
However, data roaming capability was never discussed by the salesperson on the call, and when Ms Walsh flew to Australia she did not know that her new phone was capable of downloading data while she was abroad.
When she returned she discovered that T-Mobile had disconnected her phone and charged her £533.11. Judge Monty Trent ruled that the conversation on the phone between Ms Walsh and T-Mobile had concluded the contract between them, and terms and conditions would have had to be agreed then." 'via Blog this'

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