Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ETNO calls for deregulation in fixed telephony

ETNO calls for deregulation in fixed telephony - Telecompaper: "the lobby group for incumbent operators would like to see ex ante regulation ended in the retail market for access to the fixed telephone network (market1). It sees no competition issues in the market, as fixed telephony is increasingly subject to competition from mobile networks and over-the-top services provided on broadband networks.  ETNO also wants a new approach to wholesale regulation of broadband networks that takes into account all competing platforms at retail level, including cable and next-generation mobile networks, in accordance with the principle of technological neutrality. National regulators should also be asked to analyse geographical differences within a national market, in order to focus regulation on uncompetitive areas. Furthermore, ETNO said it sees no need to add new markets (such as IP transit or SMS termination) to the list of relevant markets.'via Blog this'

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