Friday, March 08, 2013

Scarcity is the Achilles’ Heel of Legacy Broadband

Scarcity is the Achilles’ Heel of Legacy Broadband | Technically speaking …: " In 2003, when consumer ADSL broadband was just emerging, a 2Mb/s connection cost 25€ per month. Free smashed the doors of the market open by offering triple-play with 8Mb/s broadband and unlimited national voice for 30€ per month. Over the years, the package grew with additional services and features, but the price stayed flat. It took a while for Free’s competitors to accept that the company wasn’t losing money with each new customer, and the “Internet Troublemaker” as the French press has dubbed, conquered a third of the broadband market and continues to exert a psychological pressure on the ecosystem to this day. Over time, the steam in their wireline engine has exhausted, but they’re now in the process of disrupting the wireless business. On the opposite end of the disruptive spectrum lies Norway’s Altibox. Altibox launched its fiber to the home services the same year Free was launching triple-play in France" 'via Blog this'

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